Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No MinWoo Birthday Project 2011

Hello dear Hwanjas!

As most of you already know, our MinWoo’s birthday would be on the 29th of May and it’s quite obvious that we fans outside of Korea cannot be with him on his special day. With that said, RockMinWoo, NoMinWooSpanish, Nohminwoo.ning.com and Minwoopt have decided to send him a special gift from all of his Hwanjas so that he’ll know that we are with him by heart. Of course, we would need YOUR help in order to be able to push through with this special project.

First of all, you guys might be wondering why we planned to have this birthday project early. Well, birthday projects are extremely hard to do so we would need all the time we can get so as to make our gift as perfect as possible. Since this would probably be the first ever collaboration project by international fans for MinWoo, we should work hard and put a lot of effort in this one.

Please read all of the How YOU Can Help section for the guidelines. We would be strict on this one, meaning those who don’t follow the designated formats would not be entertained. We apologize for that but we need to maintain orderliness to be fair to other fans who do read everything and coordinate with us well. J

There would be 2 main parts in our gift:

  •  Happy Birthday Book

-          This would be a compilation consisting your birthday dedications and fan arts for him.

How YOU Can Help:

a.       You can help by sending in fan letters, birthday dedications and drawings for MinWoo.
b.      The fan letters must be in English but it could be written in your own language (Chinese, Portuguese, Korean…) provided that you send us an English version of it as well.
c.       For Spanish fans who needs help in translating their own Spanish letter, please mail your letters to kaoruhimuratakarai@gmail.com and she’ll help you with the translating. For Portuguese fans, e-mail minwoopt@hotmail.com for help.
d.      For other fans who can’t translate, you just send the letters to us in its original form and we’ll try to find people to help you translate them.
e.      There would be no limit as to how long your message will be.

Just a word of advice: Please do not say the same thing over and over again. Something like, “Marry me please. I love you so much so please marry me. MinWoo, I love you. Please love me too.” It’s okay to say I love you but once is quite enough already. We’re sure MinWoo understands that. It’s up to you if you’d like to do that though.

f.        There are two options in sending your letter/fan art to us:

1.       E-mail
Send your fan letters/fan arts to us at nominwoo27@gmail.com . We would be requiring you to pay 1-2 US dollars for the cost of printing and shipment through Paypal or any other money transferring service. We’ll contact you about it once we have received your e-mail.


E-mail Subject: [DEDICATION] <your name here>

Message or Attached File:

2.       Postal Mail
We placed this option because we would like to have your participation as much as possible so we would be accepting handwritten letters and hand drawings. For letters, you must still provide an English version if you are to originally write in another language. The address will be given to you when you request for it at nominwoo27@gmail.com . However, we would be requiring you to insert 1-2 US dollars because the shipment would cost a lot. We are not liable for any lost mail. That is you and your courier’s responsibility.


Mail title: [DEDICATION] RockMinWoo


Message or Drawing: (You can have this on a separate paper)

g.       Please notify us if you'll be participating by sending an e-mail to nominwoo27@gmail.com with the message subject: [NOTIFICATION] <your name here>.  

How We’ll Do It:
a.       You would send in your birthday letter or fan art for MinWoo to us and we would be the ones to compile them in a sort of scrapbook. We would be translating them into Korean as well which is why we need the English version.
b.      By letting us take care of your letter/drawing, you are giving us the permission to edit your work only if it contains immoral objects such as profanity and extremely offensive stuff.

  •   MinWoo-Hwanja Mix Tape

-          This would be a compilation of cover songs by our fans dedicated to MinWoo. Of course, the songs sung or played by the fans must be a song sung by or composed by MinWoo.

How YOU Can Help:
a.       You can help by recording yourself singing or playing a song by MinWoo.
b.      The quality doesn’t matter. Just make sure that your voice can be heard.
c.       Don’t make it too long or too short. The minimum would be 1 minute and 30 seconds while the maximum would be 5 minutes.
d.      You can sing a cappella or with accompaniment. You can also just play an instrumental or remix a song. Be creative.
e.      We would also be requiring you to pay 1-2 US dollars for the shipment and CD cost.
f.        You can send in as many songs as you want, but you’ll only pay once.
g.       No talking please. Our purpose for this mix tape is for MinWoo to recognize our talented Hwanjas for their singing and playing, not talking. If you’d like to send him a message, please just write a fan letter.
h.      You can send in your recordings by either attaching your file to an e-mail or sending it to nominwoo27@gmail.com or by uploading it to a file hosting site such as Mediafire or Megaupload then sending the link to nominwoo27@gmail.com .
i.         The e-mail format should be:

E-mail Subject: [MIX] <your name + song you sang>

Why you chose this song:
Attached File or Mediafire/Megaupload link:

j.        One song per e-mail.
k.        Please notify us if you'll be participating by sending an e-mail to nominwoo27@gmail.com with the message subject: [NOTIFICATION] <your name here>.  

How We’ll Do It:
a.       We would be downloading and checking your files before burning them to a CD.
b.      We would be trying to edit your recordings to make the quality good if we can.

Aside from that, we would need staff to help us as well. This is a voluntary work so please don’t expect payments. Please apply for the positions below if you are applicable to that certain role:
  • Cover Designer

-          We would be choosing the best work out of all who applied. For those who would want try it out, please send in your official work (the actual design that you think would be good for the cover page) to nominwoo27@gmail.com with the E-mail subject: [COVER DESIGN] <your name>.
  • Advertisers (as many as possible)

-          You guys would be in charge of advertising this birthday project. We would need a total of at least 250 US dollars in order to be able to send this to MinWoo. We won’t need you to contact us for this but you can just drop a note at nominwoo27@gmail.com to say that you’re going to be helping us with the E-mail subject: [SUPPORT] <your name>. Advertising can be done by spreading it to forums such as soompi and by tweeting.
  • Music Editor (2-5 persons)

-          We would need music editors who are equipped with the know-how of audio editing. You are in charge of editing the songs to make it sound more audible or clearer. You need not add in effects because it will change the original file. Please e-mail us with the subject: [MUSIC EDITOR] <your name>.
  • Eng-Kor Translator (2-3 persons)

-          In order for your letters to be understood, we would need help from Eng-Kor translators to translate your messages into Korean. The original letter would be sent along with the translated one. If you are interested, please e-mail nominwoo27@gmail.com with the subject: [TRANSLATOR] <your name>.

Like we have mentioned, we would need more money because the shipment fees are quite expensive. To those who’d like to make a donation, please do so by e-mailing nominwoo27@gmail.com with the subject: [DONATE] <your name>.

For questions and comments, e-mail us at nominwoo27@gmail.com with the e-mail subject: [INQUIRY] <your name>.

Let us give recognition to those who made this happen – Alice of Nohminwoo.ning.com and Beatriz of NoMinWooSpanish.

Special thanks to Rie27 for agreeing to help us in this big project. She’s going to be contributing a lot.

We hope that you will all be able to participate in this project. Let us all work together to let our dear MinWoo know that we are and will always be here to support him.

Thank you,

RockMinWoo, NoMinWooSpanish, Nohminwoo.ning.com and Minwoopt